About Paranormal S.O.S. Ask It!

Welcome to the site!!  In short you can ask question’s here & answer question’s others post as well. It is 100% free to sign up.

This sites main purpose is to help groups & members communicate with each other and to help people seeking answers about the paranormal. If you are seeking to have an investigation done, Looking to join a research group, a group looking to find team members or looking to help others. This site is for you!!

Once you sign up you will have a profile… Here is Angela’s Profile.  You can feature yourself or your group, add YouTube video’s, and other social media information.


 About S.O.S. Tidewater Paranormal Research….

A little information on what we do & don’t do… We do look for science based proof of paranormal activity. (Photo’s, EVP’s, Video) We don’t go on hunches rather a place is haunted or not we like to try and find solid proof.

When you have a paranormal event take place it can be a little shocking or even scary. You may not know who to turn to for help and understanding. Something’s that seems to be paranormal can be explained or debunked, and well sometimes they are what they are a paranormal happening.

If you feel your home or business could be haunted we can help you by doing an investigation or step you through on doing one yourself. We keep all cases private and confidential. If you give permission for us to share our finding we are more than grateful if you want everything kept private we will respect that fully.

We are here to better help you in understanding the paranormal and to reach out and share your experiences with others. Feel to join our paranormal network to share your stories, experiences and to meet other groups or people who maybe experiencing the same things or similar as you.

 "We do not charge for our services"